Landscapes, Lawns and Lies

Landscapes, Lawns & Lies: How to Avoid Shady Practices That Cost You Time, Money and More
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​"All men are created equal. All landscapers are not!" -S. Wright
Landscapes, Lawns and Lies
So, you’ve decided to embark on a landscape project! 

Now, who do you call to lend you a hand? A landscaper? A landscape architect? A landscape designer? A landscape contractor? 

What criteria will you use to select this landscape professional? Have you considered the potential risks and how to mitigate them?

Landscape professionals John and Sondra Wright help answer these questions and more in their enlightening book, Landscapes, Lawns & Lies. With over thirty years of experience in all aspects of landscape construction, design, and property management, the Wrights are here to impart invaluable and indispensable advice, as only industry insiders can.

Through its demonstrative style and entertaining scenarios, Landscapes, Lawns, & Lies directly confronts the many preconceptions, deceptions, and misconceptions consumers face in selecting a landscape professional. Learn from C.D. Guy, the nefarious owner of a sketchy landscaping company, how to spot a bad deal from a mile off, and explore the unnecessary risks so many property owners take that land them in a jam, or worse, endanger themselves and others. From doing business on a handshake to underestimating what a DIY project really takes, seemingly small actions present major consequences in the world of Landscapes, Lawns & Lies.

Dig into Landscapes, Lawns, & Lies, and emerge well-informed, confident, and wholly prepared to tackle your next project with the right professional at your side, whatever your unique landscaping needs may be.

Landscapes, Lawns & Lies (BellaHouse Publishing) was published in February 2016. It is now available for purchase at your favorite book retailers.
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"Thank you for writing this book! My predecessors named our magazine PRO nearly 30 years ago because there was a professionalism problem in this industry. Sad to say there still is. But companies like yours are outstanding, just wish there were more of them."  
-Greg Wartgow, Editor In Chief, Green Industry Pros