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Fall Leaf Clean-Up... We Can Help!
Oh those autumn leaves! One week you're "oohing and "aahing," in awestruck appreciation of the magnificent  foliage adorning your trees. The next week you're "ewwing" and "icking" at the eyesore of crunchy, brown trespassers invading your lawn.

You rake them -- they fall.
You bag them -- they fall.
Seems each one signals hundreds more and they fall.. Fall.. FALL!!

No worries! At J. W. Wright & Associates, we promise not to judge your love-hate relationship with leaves. We understand the problem and we have the solution.

​Call us for help with you fall leaf removal. We'll give you your lawn -- and your life back!
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Leaf Cleanup Greensboro NC
Each year, the Field Operations Department conducts its loose leaf collection program from November through January, with two pickups in each area of the city. The first collection will run Tuesday, November 7 through Friday, December 22, 2017. The second collection will run Thursday, December 28 through Friday, January 26, 2017. 

Follow these three tips for a worry free pickup:

  • Leaves should be raked to the edge of your yard, behind the curb - not in the street or on the sidewalk
  • Be careful to remove any sticks, rocks or other debris which may damage City equipment
  • Avoid parking your vehicle on, in front of, or near leaves

Greensboro Loose Leaf Collection 2017-18
Greensboro Loose Leaf Collection